Author: Zbigniew Czajkowski


Site security and problems with watchmen on site



Physical security of facilities – contemporary challenges

Anyone who has ever needed to secure a temporary construction site knows how hard it is to manage it. This is certainly known to all security teams. It is more and more difficult to find a responsible, engaged person to work as a ‘watchman’. Facility security, or more precisely its arrangement, requires a lot of time. It also involves many elements that are often not considered at the outset.

Ochrona obiektów budowlanych

Physical security of facilities

It is obviously necessary to arrange a workstation, sanitary facilities, heating, i.e. a ‘place for a man’ in general. As a result – of course – a man must also be employed for the position. Construction facilities need to be guarded 24 hours a day and therefore three full-time posts are required. We should not forget about sick leave or any kind of leave, including on demand.

A security officer also needs to be supplied with communication and tools to monitor the greater area. The security officer’s work area should be properly secured. Poor security may be at issue in the event of some injury. If only due to a stumble.

The alternative of physical security of facilities

No matter whether or not we find a suitable, reliable person for the position of a watchman, they are only humans. A man who may not always be able to perceive and catch all hazards within the secure facility well in advance.

And where other methods fail, mobile CCTV towers from AlarmTower are the relief. Possibly the most maintenance-free device on the market. There are many variations of monitoring towers in our range. Monitoring, WiFi control of the device and synchronisation with intervention groups are included in the most basic option.

Using up-to-date technology, mobile CCTV towers have a lot more to offer. They ensure uninterrupted security at a level that a human cannot provide. This solution also considerably optimises the costs associated with the protection of any property. AlarmTower’s capabilities are described in more detail in a special tab on the subject, to which we refer all those who are both curious and passionate about high-tech solutions.