About us

We do know the industrial business, we know security and monitoring.

We have a long history in industry and manufacturing. So that’s why we know the towers so well. Apart from those experienced in production, our team includes people who are skilled in software. It is an ideal combination.

Our story

We come from diverse worlds and industries, but we share one common goal – the desire for continuous development and the urge for innovation dictated by the struggles of everyday work. We have several years of experience in the industry and the security sector, which allows us to recognise the needs of today’s market and respond to them even more efficiently.

Almost 15 years’ experience in both industry and the security sector.


Who we are

We are an entrepreneurial team with experience from different worlds and industries. We know perfectly well what companies need, as we have been managing businesses of our own for many years.

We are aware of all aspects of system security, including alarms and monitoring. Our solutions are manufactured in Poland. Our own service teams are also highly experienced. We rely on the latest technological research, fully compatible with the systems used by monitoring stations.

Due to the high versatility of the devices and the different types available, AlarmTower’s solutions can be implemented in the processes of any security group.


Our mission

We are fully aware of the risks associated with employing physical security guards, as well as their natural unreliability. We want to demonstrate with our solutions that protecting facilities does not need to be costly at all, but can be an investment in the future.


Our vision

AlarmTower provides solutions that fully optimise time and expense spent on site security. Unlike alternatives offered by competitors, our towers do not require the use of a power unit. The batteries charge regardless of weather conditions, providing maximum comfort for the facility owner.


Several hundred utility towers across Europe.


How we operate

We respond to the needs of companies

Our solutions are primarily targeted at security companies, but also at entrepreneurs who plan to deal with the protection of their premises on their own. We rent the equipment, deliver it to the client’s property, set it up and configure it. We have flexible subscription options and several solutions to suit the requirements of different areas.

We offer tried and tested solutions

Our utility towers have been tested by several hundred companies across Europe. Whatever we do, we haven’t been doing it since today, so we offer only solutions that we ourselves would be 100% satisfied with.

Do not forget the most important thing.