Author: Zbigniew Czajkowski


Monitoring power supply – which one is reliable?



How vital is the power supply for monitoring?

Are mobile towers effective? Yes, provided they work and have the appropriate monitoring supply. There are more and more mobile devices on the market with their own power source. The most common solution is a few solar panels and a controller. Unfortunately, such a solution does not guarantee 100% efficiency. While panels provide 80% of electricity demand in summer, the same size panels will only cover 10% in winter. Usually, in such a situation, the only solution is to replace the batteries on a regular basis. The customer should thus be equipped with strong back pain medicine.

zasilanie monitoringu alarmtower

Power generator as monitoring power supply

The second alternative is the well-known power generator. Unfortunately, most power generators (the cheaper units in the price range of PLN 3 – 5 000) are not adapted for continuous operation. What is more, their combustion is typically 0.5 litres per hour. 12 litres (or more) a day at current rates means a cost of PLN 84. Fuel itself will cost more than PLN 2,000 a month. You also need to pay an individual to refill the generator on a daily basis. Of course, I am describing a purely hypothetical situation. This kind of power generator, as I have already mentioned, is not designed for constant operation. In addition, the device is rather noisy, so its use will only be limited to locations far from residential areas.

Reliable power supply solution

Our power supply modules are based on solar panels, but they are supported by fuel cells. They are designed for continuous operation. They are also very quiet and leave no carbon footprint. The complete module thus assures uninterrupted operation in all weather conditions. Our solutions therefore provide an excellent combination of reliability and environmental protection.

Cutting-edge solutions do not have to be experimental at all. The majority of them have already gone through a long path of development and testing in various industries and cases. There is no difference with the solutions from AlarmTower. Let us mention, as an example, the artificial intelligence algorithms that we apply in our daily work. You can find out more in the article on this topic: AI video surveillance – security in the 21st century.